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Looki has developed Four Video Programs which
provides a new and unique way to communicate.
Looki.Bz - Members can Send Live 20 Second VideoCasts,
called "Lookis." Any Viewer can respond by Bz Text and if a Viewer
wants to Connect to the Sender for a Live, Private, Two-Way
Video Conversation, the Viewer simply clicks on the
Bz Connector Icon (even without registering or a
lengthy download) and they can See & Talk Live as
long as they like. Any Member can Use it Free!
So - Why Twitter, when you can Looki - LIVE!

Live Video Connector
Looki users
can See &
Talk in a Live
Two Way
Conversation with just a
simple click on the Live Video
Connector Icon. The icon can
be placed on your Website,
Looki Page, Looki Posts
and Looki Ads; it instantly
connects Looki users for live
interaction enabling Live
Demonstrations, Displays and
just Seeing Everything!


Now you
can video
connect with your friends,
family and students anytime,
anywhere - FREE. If they're
not in, just leave a Video, Text
and/or Voice Message.
LiveNetVideo includes Full
Collaboration Features such as
Video/Document Sender,
Remote Desktop Controller,
Interact Board with Telestrator
and much more. Seeing and Talking Live is So Cool!

This Netcasting
software is able
to Netcast Live
or Prerecorded
Shows. LookiTV is 2 Way
Interactive so the Moderator can See & Talk Live with Callers; Viewers also see the Callers. Imagine the Fun and
Excitement of producing your own TV Show or class lecture with tens of thousands of your Lookers all simultaneously
viewing your Live TV Show or
class lecture. You're also eligible for Ad Revenue Sharing under our
Partner Program.
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Send a Looki or an eMail and they can click on the button to Instantly See & Talk Live with you!   Click Here

ANYONE (including teachers) can Send thousands of
Emails with one click and Students (or anyone) can instantly & simultaneously watch your Live Lecture (or your show) on LookiTV and they can See & Talk & Interact Live Click Here